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Aug. Augar practice
March Grain Bin rescue class using our new grain bin rescue tube and equipment. The tube was 50% cost shared by First Coop and Vt donated 300 for the helmets. the rest was paid for by donations put away through out the year 
It only takes a matter of minute or less to get trapped in grain. Farmers should wear a harness and tie off system if going into a grain bin also have someone there to assist. Once you are trapped you can not be pulled out of the grain as the pull is more then your body can take so the only way is to remove the grain around you. If you feel you are being pulled down into the grain put your arms infront of you to create room for your chest to be able to move. A harness and tie off system only cost around 100.00 so be smart. It only took 40 seconds with a 4inch augar to be trapped to your chest.    
go to Youtube and type in grain bin rescue drill with the letters de4453 under it which is Holstein drill
Our New Future Members
Tori Lynn Niemeier
Tyler Georg